Veasna Nuon’s Year in Reflection

In our latest Year in Reflection, we asked Veasna Nuon from the Union Aid Abroad APHEDA in Cambodia.

In 2022, which workers’ struggle would you like to highlight?

Nagaworld casino workers’ strike in Cambodia is worth highlighting for its length, increasing solidarity action, national and international campaigns, and the variety of tactics employed to win the battle by workers.

What is one labor issue that is not given enough attention?

Occupational health and safety of workers. Workers in many countries during and after the pandemic have been at the forefront to service the society, yet they have not been properly recognized and supported.

Is there any interesting insight?

Hard work has rewarded workers with political strength.

In light of challenges at all fronts, there have been some positive developments. In some parts of the world, pro-labour governments have returned to power, giving some hope for change and betterment of workers life and status in those countries and beyond. This return to power resulted from various efforts, including most importantly the solidarity and participation of workers who have been marginalized in various parts of the world.