Asian Labour Review

​ About Us

Asian Labour Review (ALR) is an independent platform for analysis and exchange of views about and for labour movements across Asia. We see ALR as contributing toward building stronger and more united Asian labour movements by grappling with key issues and questions and sharing perspectives and experiences.

ALR publishes an online publication and an annual journal. The online publication will focus on publishing relatively short articles on a regular basis to capture and provide analysis about ongoing events and developments; the annual journal will be devoted to producing long-form essays that engage with current critical debates.




Dae-oup Chang


Managing Editor


Kevin Lin


Editorial Assistant


Robin Tassie


Editorial Board


Chiu Yu-Bin

Chris Chan King Chi 

Dennis Arnold 

Fahmi Panimbang 

Jennifer Jihye Chun 

Mabel Au

Meng Quan 

Paolo Novak 

Rene Ofreneo 

Sanjiv Pandita

Tim Pringle



Advisory Board


Anita Chan

Apo Leong

Ching Kwan Lee

Dave Spooner

Davina Davin

Ellen David Friedman

Henry Bernstein

Jim Glassman

Martin Hart-Landsberg

Michael Burawoy

Monina Wong

Seong Jin Jeong

Simon Clarke

Surendra Pratap

Vedi Hadiz