May Day Special: Agitation, Influencers, and Culture of Resistance, feat. Kara Taggaoa

In this May Day special, we explore the meaning of worker and labor activism, with a focus on engaging youth in the fight for workers’ rights. To celebrate the special occasion of the 120th anniversary of May Day in the Philippines, the guest for this episode is Kara Taggaoa, a young labor activist who has experiences in indigenous and youth activism. 

In this high-spirited discussion, Kara joins us to reflect on her childhood memories of May Day celebrations in the Cordillera region and her role first as a student activist and then as a labor organizer. We also venture into media representation of workers, the role of culture and art in labor activism, and the different ways in which youth express their frustrations with work.

In the final segment, we commemorate the 30th anniversary of two tragic factory fires in 1993: the Kader Fire in Nakhon Pathom (Thailand) and the Zhili Fire in Shenzhen (China). We reflect on the similarities in their aftermath and the international solidarity actions and networks that emerged in response.

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