Introducing Asian Labour Review (ALR)

We are launching ALR as a publication for analysis and discussion about workers and labour movements in Asia. It is a journal not just about – but also for the movement.

We proudly announce the launch of Asian Labour Review (ALR), an independent platform for analysis, exchange and debate around critical issues confronting workers and labour movements in Asia.



The development and continuous transformation of capitalism across countries in Asia – both in their similarities, differences and connectedness – challenge labour movements to constantly analyse, strategise and intervene to protect the survival and dignity of workers.

For the labour movement, it raises questions about how we understand and counter neoliberal, statist and other forms of capitalism; and, how we develop strategies to push back against the assaults on labour by local and transnational capital in collusion with authoritarian and quasi-democratic regimes.

As the working class constantly changes, how we understand its transformation will shape our orientation to labour struggles. Our analysis of labour precarity and new developments such as platform and gig economy will support informal workers’ organising.

The gendered nature of work, the role of reproductive labour and racialised migrant labour regimes should be integrated in our analysis and strategy for the purpose of addressing hidden exploitation, discrimination and barriers to organising.

To revitalise and strengthen independent and grassroots trade unions, we should discuss the causes for their weakness and crises. We should also look to alternative forms of worker organisation that are emerging, and ways to engage with young workers who have been at the forefront in youth-led democratic movements.

And, to build stronger transnational labour movements and greater international labour solidarity, we must consider the kind of infrastructure necessary for exchanges and coordinated actions.

These and many other issues are what motivate us to publish ALR. We see it as contributing toward building stronger Asian labour movements.

Write for ALR


ALR comprises of an online publication and an annual journal. The online publication will focus on publishing short articles on a regular basis to capture and provide analysis of ongoing events and developments; an annual journal, to be launched separately soon, will be devoted to producing long-form essays that engage with critical debates.

For the online publication, we are looking for contributions on a range of labour issues in Asia, such as labour organising strategies and tactics, strikes and protests, un(der)employment and precarisation, gendered and racialised nature of work, reproductive labour, platform and logistics labour, labour migration, the restructuring of global supply chains, changing labour regimes and industrial relations systems, a labour solution to the ecological crisis, trade union reforms, state repression and more.

In particular, we encourage those who are on the frontline of labour activism and research to write about your perspectives and observations.

We accept a range of formats, such as feature articles, interviews, book reviews, field notes, roundtables and will consider other types of writing, too. Submissions should be between 1,500 and 3,000 words, and written in an accessible style for an informed, general labour audience.

If you would like to pitch an idea or submit an article, please email us:


– Editors