ALR Podcast – Continent of Resistance: Episode 1 Women Journalists in Revolt

We now have a new podcast: Continent of Resistance!

The podcast features conversations about resistance and strategies of building power within Asian labour movements. We will talk with grassroots organizers and researchers from across Asia, followed by highlights from the world of work in Asia.

The monthly podcast is co-produced and co-hosted by Kevin Lin (Managing Editor of Asian Labour Review) and Kriangsak (Kiang) Teera-Hong (Managing Director of Just Economy and Labour Institute), with the assistance of Pobmek Junlakarin as the audio editor.

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In the first episode, released for the International (Working) Women’s Day, we speak to Chie Matsumoto about the trials and tribulations of women media workers organizing against sexual harassment in Japan.

Chie Matsumoto is a union organizer and a journalist at the media cooperative Unfiltered, and an adjunct media instructor in the Faculty of Law at Hosei University in Japan.

Centering around recent successes of female journalists speaking out against predatory behaviours, our conversation touches on addressing sexual harassment as a workplace issue, solidarity building, the culture of male domination in the media profession and labor union, underrepresentation of casualized women workers, and the future of the labour movement in Japan.