COR Ep.7: How to Make Sense of Our Current Moment?

A conversation between the co-hosts, Kiang and Kevin zoom out and take stock of the economic and political moment our labour movements in Asia are in.

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The widely shared sentiment is that conditions have become much worse for workers in recent years. How have we arrived at this moment, and what explains this development? In this conversation, we draw connections between our current conjuncture and pivotal moments such as the neoliberal development, the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis, the 2007 Great Recession, and the complex realities we face today.

We delve into how neoliberalism, in its varieties, has shaped the labour landscape, the authoritarian turn of neoliberalism, the cycles of labour struggle that have arisen to resist the neoliberal assaults, and the emerging crisis of social reproduction.

How we react at this moment carries immense importance for the future of labour.